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Urgent Care Center - Making Emergency Medicine Work for You
5 months ago

Urgent care centers offer fast, simple access to high-quality health care for times when your regular primary care doctor's office is not open. Life-threatening medical emergencies, including a brain hemorrhage or other serious neck injury, usually require a trip to the ER, also known as the emergency room (ER). While waiting for treatment in an ER, you may be asked to share personal information, such as your address and phone number. This type of sales call is standard practice in an emergency room setting. Urgent care center staff members are trained to ask pertinent questions to help you through your crisis. These questions may include your name, address, and phone number, the name of your family members, and if you will be able to take a ride home after your appointment.


During your appointment, the attending ER doctor may ask you to make an x-ray of your head or spine to ensure that there are no signs of life-threatening problems. An x-ray of the upper portion of your back, abdomen, and pelvis is one of the standard tests used to assess the presence of kidney stones or other urinary conditions. X-rays are commonly needed in the case of kidney stone removal or to help assess the severity of a brain hemorrhage. If your health care provider recommends an x-ray, the office may have a machine available that can be used for these tests. If the machine is not available, an Urgent care center staff member may be able to arrange another test in a bedside manner so that you do not have to leave the urgent care center.


During your first visit with the staff of your Urgent care center, it is common to be given a list of symptoms. This is the time when you can ask questions about the possible causes of your symptoms. If you do not understand the explanation from the medical professional, you should not hesitate to ask questions. It is important to remember that if you do not ask questions, you may not get accurate information about what is wrong with you. In some cases, you may even misidentify yourself or the problem you are suffering from may not be serious enough to need the attention of a primary care doctor. For additional details regarding this topic, check out this link: https://www.dukecityurgentcare.com/urgent-care-center/.


During your second visit, the attending emergency department will evaluate the information that you provided during your initial visit. If you were evaluated and found to have no serious problems, you may be sent on your way to an urgent care center where you can wait until your condition has stabilized. If your condition continues to be life-threatening or severe, however, you will be referred to a primary care doctor.


This local urgent care center offer extended hours of operation to accommodate patients who are often in urgent need of immediate medical attention. If your primary physician offers this option, you should schedule an appointment with a physician of the same area of expertise. Urgent care physicians are typically available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This is especially important if you are taking medications regularly, as many doctors offer evening or weekend hours for such medication appointments. If you take more than one type of medication, you may be able to schedule several physicians during the day, so you never miss a beat of necessary medicine time.


If your physician cannot schedule you right away, you can always try calling the office number provided on your flyer or business cards. Almost all emergency departments have hotlines that are easily accessible. These numbers are usually listed on the wall, or highlighted in bright lights. Another way to go about calling the offices of primary physicians is to go online. There are websites designed to help people find physicians in their area by zip code, name, and even city or state. Many of these sites also list extended hours of operation.
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